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Student to Student

Page history last edited by David Hodges 14 years ago


Student to Student





This page is just for you, to use any way you like: to complain about the course work, or share homework tips or ask one another questions, share contact information—anything you wish, without interference from your dreaded professor.

  Charlotte (Chunhui) Hao
  Wei Wei Zheng
  Baby Tanuwidjaja
  Nourhan Ibrahim
  Sevgi Mominova
  Moshe Edri
  Ana Morano
  Philip Pama



Comments (16)

WeiWeiZheng said

at 7:51 pm on May 25, 2010

Finally, I finished the essay, and spent my entire afternoon. It's was hard work.


at 10:39 pm on May 25, 2010

I don't study anything from chapter 11 until now.
I don't have time for that. I have a lot of responsabilaty.

WeiWeiZheng said

at 9:51 pm on Jun 2, 2010

everyone should be happy now because no homework assignment this week.(*^__^*)

Chunhui Hao said

at 10:38 pm on Jun 2, 2010

Are you sure?

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 10:58 pm on Jun 2, 2010

ha ha ha, I noticed too....probably Prof. Hodges wanted to give us a break after we worked so hard.

WeiWeiZheng said

at 11:05 pm on Jun 2, 2010

Now,the assignment is there for June 7,2010.

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 11:13 pm on Jun 2, 2010

thanks Wei, but I do not see Wiki reading. where is it? since the due date is Friday (Jun 4) this Friday!! can you believe that? I want to try to read it tonight.

WeiWeiZheng said

at 11:26 pm on Jun 2, 2010

I don't know either. Now I go to sleep. It might post on the Wiki tomorrow. Othewise, we don't need to do if not posted. (*^__^*)

David Hodges said

at 12:02 am on Jun 3, 2010

Actually, Baby, the Wiki reading is due next Friday, the 11th, so there's plenty of time. I'm trying to find a good narrative reading that will give you something to model when you write your own Narrative Essays.

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 8:41 am on Jun 3, 2010

Thank you Prof Hodges, I am looking forward to reading the new reading assignment.

clara lee said

at 9:49 pm on Jul 7, 2010

Hi Baby,
It's cute for you name. Is this for your nick name or real name?
How was today 's grammar test? was is easy to you?
Seems to be you are always good at the class. I believe, you study hard.
I want to talk to you somtimes, but you leave the class as soon as finish.
So, I never get to know you. May be you don't want to communicate with others.
It's okay, if you don't want to.

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 10:40 am on Jul 8, 2010

Hi Clara, Thank you, that is my real name... its funny huh!! I am from Indonesia.. so In my country that name was not mean too much... not as in USA.
The grammar test was so so. I worked hard for this class, espcially with our Prof. , he always make us work hard. Anyway I like the way he teach. I learnt a lot.
I love to communicate with other people, especially with the people in our class. Hmm.. maybe we can ask our prof for having some activities that involve students, so all of us can communicate and learning in the same time. Something like interactive learning.
Where are you from Clara? what major subject do you take? do you have a plan to continue in Writing 5?
Are you working? where do you live?
I do not have major subject yet, I take this class only, and I am thinking to continue in Writing 5.
Sometime I need to run as soon as the class is finished, just because I have to do something else, otherwise I love to chit chat with all of you.
lets we chit chat after Monday class, ok.
and again thanks for your email, I really appreciate it.

clara lee said

at 7:24 pm on Jul 9, 2010

It's nice to hear from you. I guess, you will never get older like your name. What a wonderful gift!
I don'tknow how long you've been in this country, but your knewlege of English is very distingushable enventhough, you study hard as you said.
Is your country use English at the school as a major subject besides your morther tongue language, like a you study all other subjects in English?
Anyway, I am working, and I don't have a time to take an any other course as I want to.
I am thinking that I will take a grammar class 4 first before take a writing 5 on fall semester, because, Writing 5 will be really hard to me, specially I don't have a much time to sutdy or stay on the computer. So unless, I am really ready for next level, I have to be prepared.
Did you take an any grammar course before take this class writing 4?
Your idea is a very good. If we have some kind of activities, we will lean each other and understand easier by communication than just sit in the class.
But we don't have enough time in he class. The summer course is too tight that we have to finish whole chapter in short period time. That's why, professor pushes us.
As matter fact, I am really enjoying class and I am learning. I wish, I don't have to work so that I can concentrate on my study, but........
However, it is nice to chit chat. If you have a question, let me know. I will answer as much as I could.
Thanks, for your e-mail back to me. Have a good weekend!
I will see you Monday.

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 7:44 pm on Jul 9, 2010

sure, Clara, see you on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

clara lee said

at 7:50 pm on Jul 9, 2010

Thanks baby!

clara lee said

at 7:50 pm on Jul 9, 2010

What I mean Baby, not baby.

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