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Breaking News

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Breaking News from David Hodges!


Help for your "Ocean Floor" Essay


Baby and Kankamol tell me they're having trouble understanding the assignment. I can see why. It's complicated and you're not well prepared for it. Help is on the way! Click through to my new page:

Help for Ocean Floor Argument


Assignments for MON JUL 12

  As always, you can launch a PDF version of your assignments from the Assignments Chart page. 

 Joan Didion

New Reading Assignment at the Wiki!

Here's your fifth reading. Follow the link to The White Album and join the discussion. Deadline FRI JUL 16 just before Midnight.



Vocabulary help at Thesaurus.com

Follow the link from the sidebar to a web-based Thesaurus, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia. The thesaurus deliver beautiful clusters of synonyms with a couple of clicks.



Grammar help from the OWL at Purdue

  Follow the link from the sidebar to Purdue University's awesome Online Writing Lab (OWL) for free help with grammar. Special section for ESL students!


Comments (Show all 49)

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 7:43 pm on Jul 9, 2010

Thank you Prof. It means we need to find some information (research) about exploring ocean floor (i.e. internet, magazine, etc), so we can quote them for our essay. Since our essay about exploring ocean floor, and we can not quote from Mars essay in the book, so we need to find from others source.

David Hodges said

at 9:05 pm on Jul 9, 2010

No, Baby, you don't have to do research. I'm sorry I'm not being clear enough for you. I'm not interested in accurate science from you, only good argument and citation techniques. If the author of the essay in support of a Mars mission says we could learn important scientific concepts from the mission, you can apply the same argument to the ocean floor, by claiming that exploration is always worth spending money on. This is a 20 point homework assignment, not a 100 point essay assignment. Please give yourself a break.

Kankamol said

at 11:14 am on Jul 10, 2010

Professor!! Would you explain more about this essay please? It's not clear enough for me either. I tried to write it last night but I don't really understand.

Kankamol said

at 2:58 pm on Jul 10, 2010

I don't know how I can use those sentence as citation technique for the ocean floor because those are all about the Mars. There are Mars words almost every single sentence. Please give me some advice prof.

David Hodges said

at 5:30 pm on Jul 10, 2010

Thank you, Baby and Kankamol, for your excellent questions. I see that I have made this essay too challenging. But, never fear. I can explain by example exactly what I have in mind. Check the Sidebar for a link to a page called: "Help for Ocean Floor Argument."

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 8:12 am on Jul 11, 2010

Thanks Kankamol for bringing it up this issue. I thought I was the only student who did not get the essay.

David Hodges said

at 10:22 am on Jul 11, 2010

Thank yo both, Baby and Kankamol. Without your questions, I would not have known there was a problem with the assignment. I hope everyone will benefit from the sample I have posted on a page called "Help for Ocean Floor Argument."


at 3:48 pm on Jul 11, 2010

My mom is in Kenndy Hospital for about a week.I have stayed with her the whole time.
My children distribute between my neighbors and friends. At first, my husband didn't work, but now he is working!
Eventhough I have decomandation for every day till now, I did the homework in the hospital This is the first time I came home from that time.
Of course, my essay homework was wrong because I did not have the Internet inside the hospital.Do you think that is fair?

David Hodges said

at 3:58 pm on Jul 11, 2010

No, I don't think that is fair. Nothing anybody could do would ever make it fair. I will accept your homework as it is, Nora. You're a very conscientious student to have done it at the hospital. Please send my best wishes to your mother. I hope she's proud of you.


at 4:32 pm on Jul 11, 2010

I do not like to accept my homework when it was wrong.
I would look for a chance to change it. Thank you.

clara lee said

at 3:40 am on Jul 12, 2010

Hi Nora,
I am sorry, your mom is sick. I hope she is in fast recovery from sick.


at 4:47 am on Jul 12, 2010

That's very kind of you, Clara, thank you.

clara lee said

at 7:28 pm on Jul 13, 2010

You are welcome.
You are super, eventhough you are taking care of your mom, still you did your home work. What a good student!

clara lee said

at 7:56 pm on Jul 13, 2010

I am sorry, your mom' s result is not good. I will remember in my prayer Nora. Is there anything I can help you?
Let me know if you need any help.

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 2:03 pm on Jul 12, 2010

Hi Nora, we missed your comment for the reading essay, you always the first person who gives the response. I hope your mom get well soon. Clara, I missed the class today due to help my husband in his office today.How was the class today?, something interesting? I hope I will see all of you on Wed.

clara lee said

at 7:52 pm on Jul 13, 2010

Hi Baby,
I missed last Monday. It was not much special or new. It was revewing of chaper and question and answe. And also, we voted the date for final exam when is on Wednesday, 7/21/10, last day of class at computer class. It will be for 2 hours writing essay about argument "should and shouldnt." Huh, it will be taught. I think, most of us need little more time to prepare for final exam ourself. Are you ready? Therefore, there won't be finishing ceremony??? ha, ha.... . By the way, if you want to practice more argument essay, you can write about. Professor will give you extra grade. See you Wednesday!
"GREED", why it's good and why it's not good.


at 11:13 pm on Jul 12, 2010

Thank you, Baby,you look like a very nice person! I do not like reading assignment at the biggining, but I love them so much now.These reading assignments make my brain work!
My mom result is not good, this result dissappoinment me!

David Hodges said

at 4:32 pm on Jul 13, 2010

That's distressing news, Nora. I don't pray (forgive me), but my very best thoughts go out to your mother and to you.


at 5:19 pm on Jul 14, 2010

Thank you, Clara,for helping. I appricate it.
I'm not good student, I always need help!

clara lee said

at 9:20 pm on Jul 15, 2010

You are welcome. I hope, your mom is better now. I am thinking about you. You are very quite person, but looks sincere and sensitive lady. Be strong!
As I feel, you are good student as Professor Hodges says. You are working hard at home work and class. You are the always, first person to make comment about home work.
I always enjoyed for your comment and can have an idea. Thank you Lora.

clara lee said

at 9:28 pm on Jul 15, 2010

You need help, it does not mean you are not good student. We are learning until we die. That's why we are in the school to learn and we have a wonderful teacher like a Prof. Hodes. We are human not God. Don't worry about it , we all need help!

clara lee said

at 9:41 pm on Jul 15, 2010

Sorry, spelled wrong on your name. What I meant "Nora" not "Lora"

David Hodges said

at 7:50 pm on Jul 14, 2010

That's not true at all, Nora. You're an extremely good student, very conscientious and hard-working. Nobody else in this class goes for tutoring at all, but you're there every week doing extra work. Your progress has been wonderful.


at 8:56 pm on Jul 14, 2010

I do not know, what I say to you, professor Hodges.
In fact, when I was reading your sentenses untill now, I'm crying. Eventhough I do not like to cry for any reason, this is my personality!

Bruna Dietrich said

at 12:32 pm on Jul 15, 2010

Hello Professor Hodges!
I would like to know when is gonna be the final test?

David Hodges said

at 3:52 pm on Jul 15, 2010

Nora: you don't have to say a thing.

Bruna: We will have our final exam on Monday. I gave everyone a chance to express an opinion on this choice and the consensus of the class was we'd rather test when we know we can have the lab to use keyboards. This means Wednesday I'll have your final grades and we can do brief conferences so everybody will know the outcome of the semester before we break. The format of the final will be very much like the format we used last Monday in the lab class. You'll be given a "source material" essay to read. Then you'll write an opinion essay that responds to the source, using citations from the original essay to support your point of view.

You are still invited, no later than Monday before class, to submit an optional argument essay in response to "Greed is Good" if you want one more essay grade for the semester.

clara lee said

at 9:04 pm on Jul 15, 2010

Hi Professor,
If you say, "Greed is Good", is that mean we write about good side of greed or write of the opposite way too?
I believe, "Argument essay of Greedy" , right?
Thank you for the information of final testing on Monday.
Have a good weekend!

clara lee said

at 9:07 pm on Jul 15, 2010

Oh, I forgot to ask about the wiki reading assignment, the exemplefication, do we still have to submit by 12 midnight on Friday?

David Hodges said

at 9:15 pm on Jul 15, 2010

Hi, Clara!
1) Yes, you still have until Midnight Friday to comment on the wiki reading.
2) The author of "Greed is Good" spends two paragraphs explaining how greed can be good, then gives three examples of what he calls "bad greed." Therefore, you can argue either side. I insist that you DISAGREE with a point of view Phil Collings expresses, either his entire essay or just a detail you think he gets wrong. Then use good citation technique to quote his essay 4 times (twice with direct quotation, twice with indirect quotation).
3) The essay is optional.
4) You're welcome about the final exam details.

clara lee said

at 9:35 pm on Jul 15, 2010

Thank you professor. I am surprising, you are at computer right now. It did not take an even bit, I got a answer right away. Wow ....
I am not at home yet. I am still at work, but I checked the e-mail, before leave from the work. Actually, if I am at home, probably, I won't check computer until mid night or not all.
I thought , I can avoid for reading home work, but there is no mercy, Huh......... Than you anyway.


at 7:17 am on Jul 16, 2010

My real problem will start when I finsh final exam, Clara! My mom needs surgery as soon as possisble. Every dody knows that except her. I do not like to pain her one second for no reason.
Thank you for your important,Good luck for you and all students in the final exam.

clara lee said

at 12:43 am on Jul 17, 2010

I am sorry Nora. Hopefully, after surgery, she gets cure. Think about positive way. I will think about you and your mom.
See you soon.

clara lee said

at 1:16 am on Jul 17, 2010

Hi Nora, this is not my business to tell you, but it is just my opinion that isn't it your mom should know what is going on, so she can prepare surgery herself? I know, you don't want to give her extra pain but..... You don't have to listen to me.

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 8:56 am on Jul 16, 2010

Clara, thank you for your information about Monday, the day that I missed, I just got back to my computer again and read your information. I have many kids (acutaly 2 kids - 3 and 5 years, but seems I have 20 kids at home) that keep me busy. They are my step grandchildren, they coming for vacation since June 29th. They are nice and cute and make me crazzzyy.

Nora, our prayer with your mom and your family.

Prof, luckily I read this wiki today, I would have not have any idea that the final exam is changed to Monday.
also, I will write the argument essay about greedy, and hope I can send you by email before Monday.

I will miss all of you iin this class, I hope all of us will continue in level 5 , so we would be together again. Although I do not talk a lot with all of you in the class due to lack of time, yet thanks to this wiki that make the communication among the sutdents live!.

Thank you Prof Hodges for giving us this wonderful summer class, and thanks to all my friends in my class.

clara lee said

at 12:37 am on Jul 17, 2010

You are welcome Baby. Aren't you going to come to class on 7/21, Wednesday after final exam?
Sounds like, you are not gonna see us anymore. We have 1 more day left to bugging our Professor. Huuh, Huuh...

David Hodges said

at 10:11 am on Jul 16, 2010

That's very kind of you, Baby. I will miss everyone too. I did send you email yesterday afternoon to share the news about the final exam. (I didn't want you to be surprised on Monday.) You don't need to email your essay about Greed unless you want to give me extra time to read it. Bring it to class Monday morning.

clara lee said

at 1:03 am on Jul 17, 2010

Professor Hodges,
Thank you for the information of writing essay, "Greedy."
And also, thank so much for your hard work to help and lead me to gain the English skills. I really appreciate it.

To friend in the class: Good luck to you all with final exam!

David Hodges said

at 5:39 am on Jul 17, 2010

You're welcome, Clara. I give my time gladly to anyone who is truly motivated, and yours is a highly motivated class!

Good luck to all on the Final!

Baby Tanuwidjaja said

at 9:30 am on Jul 17, 2010

No, Clara, I do not want miss any minutes of my 2 last class. Probably the last class (July 21), all of us do something special?

clara lee said

at 8:54 pm on Jul 20, 2010

Do you have an special plan?
Are we going to have some spare time in the class?

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